Are there any hidden charges?

There are absolutely no hidden charges. We do not charge a fee for our service, and we also pay your legal fees for the sale of your property.

What if I change my mind about the price I need to sell at?

We are always open to discussing the agreed sale price. We’re committed to getting you the best possible deal for your property – meaning a fast sale at a price you’re comfortable and happy with.

What if my property doesn’t sell quickly?

Whilst we’re confident that your property will sell promptly at the realistic price we’ve agreed upon, we cannot absolutely guarantee a sale. When using our service, you’re still free to advertise your property through other estate agents. If you do happen to sell faster through another agent, that’s completely fine by us – we just haven’t seen it happen yet!

How long will it take to sell my property?

The average time it takes to sell a property through Sold is 23 days.

Can I use another agent at the same time?

Yes. We are perfectly happy for you to use another estate agent in addition to Sold. We would however, advise that you check that this arrangement is OK with the other agent.

Why should I use Sold?

There are many benefits to using our service, rather than that of a traditional estate agent or any other online estate agency. The key benefits are:

  • There are no fees involved – the price we agree on is the price you receive
  • We’re able to sell your property quicker. Our average sale period is just 23 days.
  • We cover all your legal costs.
  • We also advertise your property online on RightMove and Zoopla, to ensure it reaches the widest possible audience.

What is Sold?

We’re an online estate agency with a difference. We position all of our properties at a realistic price and work with a large network of pre-qualified property buyers in order to get you a fast sale. Our average sale period is just 23 days.

What is the cost of using Sold?

There is absolutely no cost for using Sold to sell your property. We don’t charge a fixed fee – either when you list your property or after the purchase completes – and we don’t take any commission from the sale. We also cover your legal costs.

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